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How Much Is My House Worth
Look at What’s Sold Recently. First, find out what property like yours has recently sold in your local area. Simply enter the postcode for the area you are interested in. This free service is brought to you by using data provided by the Land Registry for all properties sold in England and Wales since 2009 and updated monthly.
Whether you’re investing or just interested, you can find out the estimated market value of a property using HousesInSale’s instant online valuation tool. It’s so quick, easy and free – just enter your postcode and get instant property valuation for your area. Comparing your home value to recently sold properties can also help you understand what your home is worth.
An online house valuation is a useful way to get a quick and easy free estimate of the real price of your property. The keys to establishing what your house is worth are the asking Price valuation of local comparable properties and the prices achieved for recent sales. If you are moving home, conducting a property valuation is an essential step in the process. Online valuations give you an estimate of how much your house should be worth.
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